Big Brother All-Stars (S 22, E 2) Recap

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

So for those of you who are new to this blog, which I suspect is likely considering we don't have a ton of views, this is my first season providing recaps of what is happening on Big Brother. With that in mind, I will, by and large, stay away from the live feeds to avoid spoilers for those who only want to watch Big Brother proper. I may mention a few items if they are vital but will mostly focus on the contents of the episode at hand.

If you are interested in hearing what is happening day to day in the Big Brother house, I recommend checking out Taran Armstrong over at RHAP. He hosts a recap show of everything that happens on the live feeds every day at 11 am. Taran is a wealth of Big Brother knowledge and worth a listen.

Okay, now that we have the pleasantries of a disclaimer out of the way, let's dig into Sunday's all-new episode of Big Brother.

Okay, let's be honest. The live premiere didn't really deliver in the way I am sure Big Brother expected. The show experienced some technical difficulties, and competitions didn't match up well with how they introduced the contestants. Not a ton happened overall. With that said, we know Cody is HOH, and we can pick back up with a regular-season schedule from the start.

For Cody, it was a clear choice to go for the first HOH. He didn't trust the other group of people competing for safety and wasn't comfortable leaving his fate in the hands of people he didn't know well. While some will argue winning the first HOH puts a target on your back, I think there is merit to going all-in from the start, especially on an All-Star season. Cody is known for his competition prowess, so he isn't making a huge statement by winning. Having the power also allows Cody to talk shop and build relationships with his fellow houseguest.

The only problem is that houseguests don't seemingly want to talk shop. While Cody has a few small interactions with others, it's only Nicole F that has any real, substantial strategy conversations with Cody. Of course, more conversations have happened as the week has gone on, but the All-Stars seem a little gun shy to throw any names out for consideration. Survivor: Winners at War faced a similar strategy lull at the beginning as players feared throwing out a target would result in them becoming the actual target.

Nicole F. had an interesting hour on Sunday. She seems to lock up a partnership with Cody moving forward. It shouldn't be surprising to see the two work together. They both played their original season together, and Nicole has connections with Cody's brother Paulie from season 18. The two commit to working with each other till the end but want to hide their partnership by forming two separate alliances, an all-male and all-female group. It isn't a bad strategy if they can pull it off, but the show made it seem like Nicole was spending more time in the HOH room than anyone else. Don't be surprised if others in the house already suspect they are working together.

Nicole F. also pulled Da'Vonne over to thank her for giving her the winning vote in season 18, subsequently changing her life forever. Nicole vows to do whatever she can to help Da'Vonne in return. Da'Vonne doesn't trust her, though. On season 18, Nicole stabbed her in the back. Da'Vonne seems content with keeping Nicole close, but she will cut her loose when the time arises.

Safety Suite 

A large portion of the episode revolved around the introduction of the Safety Suite. Each houseguest receives a VIP pass that can be scanned once over the next three weeks to enter the Safety Suite. Once inside, contestants would compete to earn safety. The winner gets a plus one and picks a fellow houseguest to be safe with them. Houseguests must choose when they use their passes wisely, though, as they are valid for one entry.

As the houseguests patiently waited for the Suite to open, Cody was already mulling over his potential nominees. After some discussions with Nicole F., he was leaning toward Janelle and Kaysar since they have a connection from previous seasons and both fair well in competitions.

On a quick side note, Cody pulls in Memphis to chat about his nominations. The two feel a kinship due to having similar Big Brother stories. I joked during the premiere recap that these two famed duo off-shoots should form their own dynamic duo. Well, folks, I think we might be slowly watching the formation of the Hitegades!

The other two conversations we see Cody have are with his potential nominees Kaysar and Janelle. It would be an understatement to say that they did not go well. Cody tried to skirt around the conversation by being non-comital. Seasoned vets like Janelle and Kaysar see right through this and figure out they are potential targets.

Janelle and Kaysar both end up using their VIP passes to play in the Safety Suite competition. I am not sure if they knew the mechanics of the twist at this point, but it seems like a waste for them both to compete, considering no one else chose to. Wouldn't it have made more sense for only one of them to compete and keep the other safe? This way, the other individual still has their VIP pass for next week. They must not have known if one person competed that it was essentially an automatic win. So I guess they double their chances of safety by both competing? Either way, it was a mistake in retrospect.

The Safety competition required the two to act as DJ's and replicate a remixed version of a song. The turntable had several buttons that played different parts of the song. Whichever houseguest hits the buttons in the correct sequence fastest wins.

There isn't much drama in the competition. It's clear the two will save each other no matter who wins, so it is a little anti-climatic. Kaysar wins by almost ten minutes, securing his safety. As was expected, Kaysar made his alliance known to the whole house by saving Janelle, a forgone conclusion at this point.

Oh, and Janelle's punishment was this lovely star costume

The Nominations 

With his main targets safe, Cody went back to the drawing board to determine his targets. I would be lying if Cody doesn't come off as a little whiny during this exchange, but it is frustrating when your plans get thrown out the window. He landed on Keesha, with whom he has had no conversations since entering the house, and Kevin, because Cody believes he can smooth things over with him.

Then Kevin pulls Cody aside. Kevin tries to open up to Cody about his insecurity in approaching Cody about the game, a truly vulnerable moment for Kevin. Cody does his best to comfort Kevin, but Cody feels awful thinking about nominating Kevin. It doesn't stop him from doing so, but Cody feels way worse about it than before.

As the nomination ceremony ends, Keesha and Kevin witness their faces appear on the wall as the nominees for week one of Big Brother All-Stars. And I feel like we have to talk about these memory wall photos. They look low budget. Not that the houseguests look bad per say, they are just a reminder of the unique circumstances that brought this season together.

And with that, we find ourselves at the end of this journey. With the nomination, Kevin indicates he has been awoken and is coming for Cody. Will he or Keesha be able to win the Veto and upset the current nominations? Will any formal alliances start to form? We will find out when Big Brother returns on Wednesday.

Okay, to end this post, I did want to point out one item from the feeds I'm sure the show won't touch on. There have been some real issues with a few houseguest not remembering the names of their competitors. On several occasions, Memphis has referred to Tyler as Taylor (which Keesha picked up by the way) and Cody mistook David for his face. That is right, Cody has called David "Kevin" to his face on several occasions. Makes me wonder if he really meant to nominate Kevin.......

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