Big Brother Recap (Week 8 and the Triple Eviction)

There is surprisingly little to talk about from a week of Big Brother featuring a triple eviction episode. Other than Thursday's busy episode, there is not a lot to cover this week. So' let's dig into the events of each eviction and their impact on the overall game.

Eviction 1: Kevin

After the eviction of Da'Vonne, there was not a ton of intrigue heading into this week with Cody winning the HOH, continuing the dominance of the core seven alliance. Even as numbers dwindle, they continue to remain loyal to one another, leading to the predictable nominations of Kevin and David.

Of course, Dr. Will was "back" this week to disrupt the balance of the game. And he did very little of anything, accounting for less than 30 seconds of air time the entire week.

The Neighbor twist proved to be a flop. Big Brother made a big deal about the twist, positioning it to be a game-changing moment. With Dr. Will promising to pop up periodically throughout the week, audiences were excited to see the puppet master back in the house.

Except he only showed up one more time after his reveal. And after promising opportunities to win prizes throughout the week, only three houseguests walked away with money, totaling $20,000. It just felt like a waste of time. Quite frankly, the Neighbor twist best symbolizes the overall theme of Big Brother 22: all style and no substance. I am sure Big Brother could have found some better way to incorporate the fan-favorite into the season.

The twist, while lacking, did at least provide some fireworks during the veto. As expected, Cody nominated David and Kevin for eviction, though he did give some consideration to Christmas. It was the best move for Cody's game, even if it is boring gameplay. Kevin didn't help himself either by aggressively telling Cody that, if he found himself on the block again, his jury vote would go in a different direction. Threatening jury votes never works, and it probably cost Kevin any hope of staying this week.

Kevin's last hope for saving himself was the veto competition, which just so happened to be the Big Brother classic, Otev. For those of you new to Otev, it is essentially a game of musical chairs, with one contestant being eliminated each round until only one remains. The houseguests competing include Cody, David, Kevin, Enzo, Tyler, and Nicole.

Otev returned to the house in the form of a psychedelic salamander this year who threw a party at Dr. Will's house. In the chaos of the party, Otev lost all of his favorite tie-dye t-shirts and needs the houseguests to bring them back to him. Otev also revealed there is a t-shirt worth $10,000, and the first person to retrieve it wins the money but must leave the competition immediately. The last houseguests standing will win the power of veto.

During the first round, all the houseguests had returned to their stumps except for Cody and David. They were both frantically searching for the correct shirt when David came across the $10,000 t-shirt. Feeling safe, David decides to keep the shirt, choosing the money over the veto, much to the dismay of the rest of the cast.

I cannot remember a time when a nominee chose to willingly give up their shot at safety in exchange for money. But what did David have to lose? He isn't winning Big Brother. And his competition record isn't that strong either. At least this way, he takes home some extra cash.

It paints a bigger target on his back, however, calling into question his safety. Cody, who ends up winning the veto, is upset at David. Cody thinks he can sway the house to vote Kevin out, but David's actions pissed off the house, with several houseguests questioning his decision.

It was hard to watch as Cody chastised David like a child after the competition. It is okay to be upset, but being hyper-aggressive towards David, especially when you didn't want the nominations to change anyways, is a little much.

It didn't matter in the end, though. The house unanimously voted to evict Kevin. He was just a better player, though he didn't play a good game. For the former thrid place finisher, it's a disappointing end to his much-anticipated return.

What Kevin did do was contribute to the on-going conversation of equity within the confines of the Big Brother house. Big Brother showcased a vulnerable discussion between Kevin and David about having a black father and a Japanese mother. Coming from a multi-racial home, Kevin struggles with feeling like he truly fits in with either community. I appreciate Big Brother airing this conversation and Kevin for opening up. Yes, Kevin didn't win, but his vulnerability provided another moment to shed light on the topic of diversity and inclusion.

Eviction 2: David

Before the first eviction of the night, Julie revealed to the house that Thursday would be a double eviction. The houseguests had gotten a clue from Dr. Will earlier in the week that they needed to think three steps ahead, prompting houseguests to speculate about the possibility of multiple evictions within the week.

The first HOH competition of the night was a trivia game featuring questions from Dr. Will's video appearances. With less than 30 seconds of air time, they had to stretch to get field enough questions. In the end, Memphis ended up winning his third HOH of the season. Love him or hate him, Memphis is playing a good game.

Had anyone other than Memphis won HOH, I fully believe David would still be in the house. But for some reason, Memphis is personally offended by David's presence in the game. As Memphis reveals his nominations, it is not surprising to see David on the block. But with no other floaters remaining, Memphis is forced to put Nicole from the core seven alliance.

The house quickly shifts focus to the veto competition. Competing is Tyler, Christmas, Dani, Nicole, David, and Memphis. The veto competition required the houseguests to walk across a beam and rearrange puzzle pieces to recreate a veto picture.

The veto came down to Nicole and Christmas, who were neck and neck the whole time. Unfortunately for Nicole, part of her puzzle was upside down, allowing Christmas to secure the victory and veto.

Nicole scrambled to speak with Christmas about using the veto. Christmas tells Nicole she won't use the POV to change nomination, but Nicole has her vote. This conversation seemed to dominate most of Christams's time, so I don't know if Christmas got to talk to anyone else. If not, it's a smart move by Nicole as she gets the last word with Christmas. Ultimately, Christmas keeps everything the same, meaning David or Nicole will be the second houseguest evicted in the night.

The hard part of double eviction weeks is that most of the strategy talk happens during brief commercial breaks. It makes it hard to follow what is happening and who might be in trouble. The first vote is a prime example of this issue. David campaigned hard for Christmas, Tyler, and Enzo to keep him during the commercial, but the audience never saw it.

What the audience, and then the houseguest did see, was the words triple eviction on the large screen behind Julie in the studio. The houseguests were shocked, with several jaws agape for several seconds as they processed the information right before the second eviction of the night.

I do wonder if this accidental gaffe impacted the second eviction. David is sent packing, but only by a vote of 3-2. Tyler and Christmas voted for Nicole, believing Enzo would vote with them. He didn't, subsequently ending David's game.

All week, Enzo declared he was ready to make a big move but couldn't pull the trigger when he needed too. Perhaps the fear of immediate ramifications with another eviction that night gave him pause. Was it the right move for Enzo's game to vote out David? Probably. Was it the boring vote? Most definitely.

One does have to wonder if Christmas should have used the veto on David if she wanted Nicole out. I don't know who Memphis's replacement nomination would have been, but her best move is to take David down and hope Memphis puts up Dani for eviction, guaranteeing one of them goes home. Then again, maybe he puts up Tyler, which would be terrible for Christmas.

Still, if anyone other than Memphis wins HOH, David probably doesn't get evicted at all.

Eviction 3: Dani

With two evictions down, the show moved onto the second HOH competition of the night. I was uncertain how Big Brother would navigate filming four competition segments in a single two-hour block. Would they use the safety suite? The basement? Dr. Will's house?

The producers didn't choose any of these options, opting to recycle the competition setup from earlier in the evening. For the second HOH, contestants competed in a trivia competition, answering questions about the season as a whole. The last person standing would be named Head of Household.

The field quickly dwindled to Cody, Tyler, and Christmas. Tyler and Christmas were on the wrong side of the vote moments before, so it stands to reasons they could find themselves on the block if Cody pulls out the win. Of course, this doesn't matter as Tyler ends up winning the HOH.

The results of the HOH competition are the worst-case scenario for Nicole and Dani. For weeks, the duo has been at odds with Tyler, who just tried to blindside Nicole during the first eviction. During the break, Tyler tries to play naive, claiming he thought Memphis wanted them to go. But as soon as it was time for nominations, Tyler asked Dani and Nicole to take their places on the block.

The veto again recycled the competition from earlier in the evening. This time, houseguests had to walk across a balancing beam while carrying one piece of a puzzle across at a time. The first person to recreate the puzzle would win the veto. For much of the competition, Cody and Tyler held a healthy lead over the rest of the pack before Tyler pulled away to win the power of veto.

Unsurprisingly, Tyler chooses to lock in his nominations by not using the veto. During his speech, Tyler explained he nominated Dani for planting seeds with others to target him, and Nicole wasn't upfront with him about it. All of this is true, and neither Dani nor Nicole expected Tyler to use the veto on them.

The house ends up voting out Dani by a unanimous vote. On her way out, Dani threw a few parting shots at Tyler and Christmas, revealing their final two deal. She also refused to hug the duo, giving them the cold shoulder treatment on her way out.

And with that, the triple eviction came to an end. Honestly, Thursday night's episode was a letdown. Maybe expectations were too high for the triple eviction. Perhaps, there just wasn't much drama from round to round. Either way, the triple didn't succeed in the way I am sure producers imagined.

The only question that remains is: who is in the best position after the triple eviction? The answer is Cody. He did lose an ally in Dani, but he wasn't working with Kevin or David. Similarly, Tyler's strategic moves only solidified the strong bonds Cody has with Enzo and Nicole. And with only six people left, Cody cannot be backdoored, meaning he will be able to rely on his competition prowess to carry him through to the end.

Big Brother: All-Stars is Cody's game to lose. But do his housemates realize that as well?

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