Big Brother (s 22, E 6) Recap

Alright, I think we have to talk about Memphis. The whole house is irritated by him. Maybe the power of HOH is going to his head. Perhaps he is just overconfident in his game. Maybe its the denim vest he is rocking. No matter the reason, he is coming off as rude and cocky to his fellow castmates. And they don't appreciate his gameplay.

After the nomination ceremony, Tyler pulled David into the storage closet to offer support. While they are aligned, Tyler labels Memphis as "lame" in a diary room session. There was an air of smugness to Memphis to calling David buddy and declaring he has to earn his stripes. Tyler is offended by Memphis's attitude.

Dani is also starting to get annoyed with Memphis after the speech, labeling it as "so extra". She was already upset after he tried to convince all of his alliance members to compete in the safety suite. Memphis decision to not use the veto (spoiler alert, but more on that later) has Dani questioning his gameplay and allegiances.

Memphis's biggest mistake is how he is handling Janelle's push to backdoor Nicole F. Janelle has been able to clock four of the six members of Memphis's big alliance. Memphis has no intention of pulling off such a move, but he is acting cavalier about it. He doesn't seem concerned while the rest of the alliance desperately wants Memphis to backdoor Janelle before she can target them first.

His disinterest in targeting Janelle has the whole alliance frustrated at Memphis. Essentially he is telling the group that he doesn't really care about them and subsequently reveals he is playing both sides of the house. I am not sure if Memphis has any interest in going deep into the game with Janelle and Kaysar, but he certainly doesn't want to be one to take the shot at them. Let's take a live look in on the alliance trying to stay afloat....

Then again, why should he be willing to put them up? Every other person in their alliance has a side alliance to turn to if the big group crumbles. Janelle is someone that trusts Memphis and feeds him information. Other than acquiescing to his alliance's desires to build trust, he has no incentive to take a shot at either Janelle or Kaysar.

Nevertheless, Memphis's actions this week may be digging a hole he won't be able to climb out of. He is acting almost offended that his alliance feels necessary to tell him how to play his game or run his HOH. There is an uncomfortable conversation between Memphis and Dani at the end of the episode where she tries to convince him to target Janelle. He doesn't, and Dani feels this is a big mistake. "He loves to talk about David: Dani says as the episode closes, "but he's the one making rookie movies right now".

The seeds of distrust have been planted with Dani, Tyler, Nicole F., and Cody. Ian and David already have issues with Memphis that will probably persist moving forward. There is a road to the end for Memphis, but his paths are beginning to narrow. He needs to fade into the background for a few weeks, but I don't think he has the will power to do so.

To The Stars

Before jumping into the Veto competition, I just briefly wanted to touch on Ian's punishment as the safety suite plus one. At a moment's notice, Ian has to perform scenes from a new movie while receiving direction about his performance. Ian could not stop until the director was satisfied with his performance.

This punishment was truly a punishment for both Ian and the house. He had to perform throughout the day, during the night, and even during the veto ceremony. And Ian was the perfect recipient of this punishment because he truly commits to the bit, though his acting skills are lacking. Good thing the house has an acting coach in Da'Vonne

Imagine trying to explain this to someone watching Big Brother the first time! It did, however, bring a nice levity to the episode.

Veto Competition

The veto competition this week was definitely inspired by Survivor. Each houseguest had to balance a ball on a platform attached to two large sticks. The last houseguest standing wins.

Unfortunately, this contest seemed to favor only the men as the platform weight was not adjusted based on gender. Those who didn't have a ton of upper body strength (Nicole A., Nicole A., and Ian) all drop fairly quickly, leaving Memphis, Tyler, and David as the last three standing in the competition. Big Brother has not done a great job of balancing these competitions this season. Hopefully, that changes moving forward.

This veto competition did lead to one of the more unique moments of the episode. At one point, Memphis shouted "punch me" and then indicated he would like someone to actually punch him in the nipple because of a bug pestering him.

First off, punch me is what I yelled every time Memphis makes an aggressive comment at David. Secondly, maybe you shouldn't wear those denim vests without the sleeves, it gives bugs much easier access to those nips.

Somehow though, Memphis overcomes his nipple issues, as well as David yelling, to win the veto.

Veto Ceremony

As stated above, Memphis ends up choosing not to use the veto this week. In the end, it is probably the right move overall but is damaging his relationship with his alliance. He needs to be more careful over the next few weeks if he doesn't want to find himself on the outside of the game.

What I think is more important to discuss is Nicole A. and David. Both have had rough weeks, though for very different reasons.

David didn't have a great experience during his first season. He was the first player evicted due to a night one twist. Most of the house treated him like trash during the camp comeback twist. He got emotional when Tyler supported him, something he has never really experienced in the Big Brother house. His nomination, and treatment from Memphis, has been a motivating factor in his play this week.

For Nicole A., she is starting to break down. Not to dig too deep into the live feeds, but her trust in certain individuals has wanned as she is being fed misinformation from several houseguests. Her paranoia is at an all-time high, only adding fuel to the fire of her emotional breakdown.

I feel bad for both of these players who had rough experiences on Big Brother 21. Now, one of the two will be heading out the door on Thursday.

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