Big Brother (S22, E3) Recap

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Well, Julie does say you have to expect the unexpected. The introduction of the safety suite threw a monkey wrench into Cody's nomination plan as Kaysar was able to save himself and Janelle from the block. Unfortunately for Kevin and Keesha, their games are now on the line as Cody nominated the duo for eviction.

Immediately after the ceremony, Kevin and Keesha approach Cody to discuss the nominations. These conversations could not have been any different. Kevin remains calm as he looks to smooth things over with Cody, letting him know that the two can still work together moving forward. Keesha, on the other hand, takes a more forceful approach to getting answers. She pushes Cody to reveal his target, which he tries to skirt around. Unfortunately, Keesha reads the situation correctly and knows she is the target. While I like Cody a lot, I feel he has struggled to handle tough questioning so far this season.

Elsewhere, Tyler is up to his old trick again by making final two deals with pretty much everyone. Tyler wanted to lay low this season, but everyone just kept coming to him to make a deal. There were literally several hours on the live feeds where houseguest after houseguest entered Tyler's room, one at a time, to talk game. It was like going to the DMV and pulling the number ticket for a spot in line. Shoot, I wouldn't be surprised if Julie makes a final two deal with Tyler when he goes to vote!

Of course, not all talk in the Big Brother house is strategy talk. Big Brother doesn't have the best track record at depicting conversations about social issues, especially when it comes to race. But this week, the producers leaned into this arena by airing a conversation between Kaysar, Nicole A., and Da'Vonne about the social unrest the United States is currently experiencing.

Kaysar, in particular, opened up about the pressures of playing the first time 15 years ago as our country was in the midst of a war with his home country of Iraq. Now, as society is facing a conversation around equity and inclusion, Kaysar wants to use his platform to advocate for a better world for his son. Did I need to go into that much detail about this three-minute conversation? No, but it just shows the depth of Kaysar's character. Whoever votes this man out will be put on my shit list - which has zero consequences, but I'll give them a dirty look every time they are on-screen.

In another touching moment, Ian also opens up to the others about his autism. Ian indicated that it was difficult for him to read about his autism online after season 14. In a diary room session, he makes it fairly clear he isn't ashamed of talking about being on the spectrum, but it isn't the most comfortable thing for him either. It's a raw moment for Ian, but one that brought him closer to several of his houseguests.

These are the moments that make me love Big Brother. There are real, honest, and open dialogues about issues in society. While it doesn't erase the mess that was season 21, it does show Big Brother can be a platform for genuine conversation between individuals, to showcase the best of the human spirit, and highlight the importance of inclusion for all.

Anyways, this brings us to the ever so important veto competition. For Kevin and Keesha, this is the last chance to save themselves before eviction night. Of the two nominees, Kevin is playing harder. Keesha hasn't approached anyone about working together, other than sticking with Kaysar and Janelle as old school players. Kevin, while a bit sloppy at times, is at least working to build relationships with others.

He did awkwardly approach Enzo about playing in the veto for him and using it to save him. David walked in on this conversation, half asleep, leading Kevin to convey he wouldn't target David at all. I am not sure how much of this David actually picked up on, but give Kevin kudos for trying. He also approached Ian, who, like Enzo, was non-comital about using the veto on Kevin if he won.

And wouldn't you know, Enzo and Ian were both picked to play in the veto competition. Joining them are the two nominees, Cody and Tyler.

Players are required to rock back and forth on a giant banana, or peeloton as it's called, to start a 90-second clock. Once their time starts, they hop off the banana to begin stacking pieces on a basket, trying to stack the most fruit in 30 minutes. During the 30-minute time frame, houseguests can look in their totals at any point, but failure to get back to their bananas before their 90-second clock runs out will result in disqualification.

The rocking back and forth is rather humorous from the start. Enzo even produces his own segment from the diary room, prompting them to show him in slow motion while playing some sensual music behind him.

It is clear from the start that stacking the fruit will be difficult as no one can get anything to stay stacked past 15 or 16. Due to this, the competition is mostly even throughout the 30-minute limit. Cody looked ready to lock in at one point but accidentally timed out. Ian quickly follows, also timing out. With just a few minutes left and 18 fruits stacked, Enzo decided to lock in his total.

As time is quickly winding down, Kevin actually gets to 19 fruits but decides to keep building since Keesha is making good progress. Once again, Kevin proves to be his own worst enemy as he times out trying to put his 20th fruit on his structure. Keesha and Tyler's pile both topple over, allowing Enzo's total to stand. The man who never won a competition during Big Brother 12 is the winner of the first veto of Big Brother 22. Talk about the cat's meow meow.

As the veto ceremony approaches, Kevin has his best strategic moment of the game thus far. He goes to Cody and offers him safety in exchange for taking him off the block. If Cody can convince Enzo to use the veto on him, Kevin won't nominate Cody next week, and Kevin would choose Cody as his plus one if Kevin managed to win the safety suite completion. It's a tempting deal for Cody, but he ultimately decides against it. Enzo does not use the power of veto, even though Kevin picked him to play in the veto competition. Enzo makes the right call here. As he pointed out, it is just too early to be making waves in the game.

It is important to note that the show did try to create some intrigue around Enzo possibly using the veto to target Ian, but he ultimately leaves the nominations the same. I don't know if Ian was ever in real jeopardy at this moment, but perhaps his alliance with fellow winner Nicole F. will help keep him safe moving forward.

And with that, we move on to eviction night....which is only like 30 minutes away due to the delayed nature in getting this blog post out. But hey, its the perfect light reading right before watching an all-new episode of Big Brother!

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