Big Brother (S22, E4) Recap

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

It is the first eviction night of Big Brother 22. While it will be sad to see either Kevin or Keesha leave the house, I have a feeling the game is about to get crazy with whoever wins this second HOH. So let's dig into tonight's all-new episode to see who got the boot and who got crowned the new HOH.

Well, with a unanimous vote, the house evicted Keesha. It's a real shame to see her game come to an end this early. Fans have long clamored for Keesha's return after a strong run on season 10 found her voted America's Favorite Player.

Never a physical threat, Keesha relied on a strong social game to make it to the final four of her season. That's what makes her early ouster in Big Brother 22 so surprising. Keesha didn't make a strong effort to form many alliances. Instead, she seemed content with partnering with Janelle and Kaysar. By the time she realized she was in danger, it was too late to forge any real relationships.

Yes, Janelle and Kaysar are much bigger targets than Keesha, so they did provide a shield for her. Had it not been for the introduction of the safety suite, maybe she makes it through week one and begin to form deeper bonds with her fellow houseguests. But it was a mistake to lay low rather than push harder strategically. What is worse, it seemed, at least by her reaction during her exit interview, that this opportunity meant a lot to her. Hopefully, this isn't the last we see of Keesha because I would love to see what she can do with a third opportunity.

Despite Keesha's questionable strategy, some credit has to be given to Kevin here as well. While it wasn't always the prettiest gameplay, he was definitely playing harder than Keesha was. He worked to form bonds with Cody and Enzo that helped keep him safe. Based on the results of the HOH competition, I think Kevin will be safe this week, which should give him some time to gain a footing in the game. He does have an alliance with Nicole A to work with, so at least that is something.

Speaking of alliances, I think Oprah made an appearance this week because everyone seems to think they are apart of at least one group. Memphis? You get an alliance! Christmas? You get an alliance! Cody? You get four alliances! Everyone is getting an alliance! It's alliance fever up in this house.

Big Brother finally started featuring the many, many alliances forming inside of the house. First up are Memphis and Cody. I have joked twice on this blog now that they should start their own association called the Hitegades. Well, they are aligning together, calling it The Commission. Personally, I don't think this has the same gusto as Hietegades, but at least their name is a real word.

They didn't stop there, though. Memphis wants to put into place a bigger alliance to act as a cover for The Commission. So Memphis approached Nicole F., Dani, Tyler, and Christmas about forming a six-person alliance. On top of this, Cody is already working with Enzo, a situation he expanded to include Bayleigh and Da'Vonne.

Speaking of Bayleigh, she and Tyler cleared the air about their past season, with Tyler finally apologizing for the blow-up between the two. They then both agreed to squash the beef and work together secretly.

So to recap all of the alliances currently in the house:

  • Cody-Nicole F

  • Cody-Memphis

  • Nicole F- Ian

  • Nicole F-Dani

  • Janelle-Kaysar

  • Cody-Nicole F-Memphis-Dani-Christmas-Tyler

  • Bayleigh-Da'Vonne

  • Bayleigh-Da'Vonne-Enzo-Cody

  • Enzo-Cody

  • Nicole A-Kevin

  • Kevin-groggy David trying to brush his teeth

  • Tyler has a final two deal with pretty much everyone in the house, including Julie and Zingbot

The point is, there is a shit ton of alliances at the moment. Just a glance shows that Cody and Nicole F. are in decent shape positions as they have allegiances with most everyone in some form or fashion. I would also be worried if I were Nicole A, Ian, David, Janell, and Kaysar, who have the least number of connections in the house.

Of course, the new HOH will dictate how this week shakes out. The competition was trivia-based, with houseguests watching a family's Big Brother party zoom video and answer true/false questions about the video. If the actor portraying the family looked familiar, it's because we have seen him before.

On a side note, for those RHAP listeners out there, Rob Cesternino totally predicted a zoom based competition just last night on his recap podcast. And that kids are the reasons why he gets paid the big bucks and why we have only one Twitter follower, aka, my mom.

Anyways, Memphis manages to pull out the victory for The Commission, and whatever the hell they end up calling their alliance. For Memphis, this is the first time he has won HOH in either season he has played, continuing a trend of players winning their first competitions that Enzo started with the veto. Is that a sign Kaysar finally makes his first jury?

There is no real telling what Memphis is thinking at this point. It is probably safe to assume he won't be targeting his alliance, so that leaves a handful of players who could be on the chopping block. Janelle and Kaysar are perpetual targets, no matter the season they are on, and aren't able to play in the safety suite. Nicole A., David, and Ian have not seemed to make any real connections with Memphis either. Kevin could also be an easy nomination since he just came off the block.

Either way, Memphis will have to navigate the safety suite situation. A good strategy could be to try and convince as many players to play in the safety suite as possible to increase his odds of winning in week three.

With that, our commission is ready to clock out. I am sure week two will start to help clarify alliance lines and what the game will look like moving forward. Only time will tell, though.

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