Big Brother (Week 9) Recap

Last week's triple eviction sent the house into a tailspin. For the first time all season, The Committee had to target one another, effectively ending the season's dominating alliance. Nicole received two votes during the second eviction, and Dani's game ended after getting voted out at the end of the night.

Only six houseguests remain entering week nine, all of whom have varying degrees of allegiances in the house. It is safe to say the next few weeks will contain their fair share of blindside and betrayals. As the events of this week unfolded, house politics continued to muddle as everyone positioned themselves for the final stretch of the season. Let's dig in.

Fallout from the Triple Eviction

One of the best parts of a double eviction is watching the events play out in hyperdrive on the following episode. Big Brother is like a marathon, requiring strategic pacing to make a deep run. Double, and now triple evictions, are 100-meter dashes, forcing players to maneuver quickly in a game designed for methodical strategy. The frenetic pace of the evening is a challenge to navigate for even the most skilled Big Brother player.

As we detailed last week, the triple eviction was a bit of a dud overall. But it was nice to have some of the strategic gaps filled in with footage not yet seen and diary rooms from houseguests explaining their strategies.

Of course, the big move that didn't happen was the Nicole vote. Tyler and Christmas were ready to vote out Nicole, and all they needed was Enzo's support. I felt keeping Nicole was the better move for Enzo, and his explanation in the diary room only confirms this. While voting her out would have sent a threat packing, Enzo would have also caught his number one ally, Cody, by surprise. By saving Nicole, Enzo keeps the trust of Cody and even solidifies his place with Nicole.

It also puts Tyler and Christmas in a precarious position. They have officially gone against the alliance by taking and missing his shot on Nicole. It is reasonable to think the duo will be the easy house targets over the next few weeks.

Outside of the Nicole vote, Cody's handling of Dani's eviction helped piece together some more of the evening. Tyler was looking to take a shot at Dani and Nicole for weeks now, and this seemed like the perfect timing considering he just missed his shot at Nicole. The revisionist historian in me thinks Cody and Enzo would have been the better option, but I have the hindsight of this past week. Tyler didn't.

For Cody, this is both a great opportunity and a difficult decision. He is aligned closely with both women. Eventually, he was going to have to turn on one of them. At least this way, his hands are clean of any proverbial blood that comes with making a big game move.

On the flip slide, he is losing a close ally. Neither Dani nor Nicole would target Cody moving forward. More importantly, someone going to the jury is going to feel betrayed by Cody. While he is still in the best position to win, Cody's game did take a small hit last week for the first time this season.

Cody ended up choosing Nicole over Dani. Cody, desperate to keep Dani's focused off of him in her campaigning, continued to assure her she had his vote. It's a tough call to know when to lie and lie to an ally, but I think Cody made the right move. Dani has a lot of ammunition against Cody. At that moment, Dani had the potential to do far more harm to his game than good. By keeping her in the dark, Cody prevents her from throwing him under the bus, which could potentially result in him being named as a replacement nomination if Tyler wanted to target him.

Will Dani reveal all of Cody's secrets in the jury house? Most definitely. But hopefully, a jury of All-Stars can respect good gameplay. Besides, Cody doesn't have an opportunity to persuaded the jury he deserves to win if he doesn't get the end of the game. Dani had enough information to put his game in jeopardy, so he made the right move at that moment to get himself a little further.


Heading into the HOH, it only seemed like a few houseguests needed or even wanted to win. Christmas was concerned after voting against the house. Nicole expressed concern after being nominated twice during the triple eviction.

The HOH competition required houseguests to remove clothes as they perform difficult yoga moves while holding down various buttons. The HOH featured timed rounds, with the slowest houseguests getting eliminated each round. If the houseguest releases a button, their time sped up, increasing their likelihood of losing.

Despite not needing to win, Cody ended up pulling out a victory. He decided to gun for the HOH as he wanted to protect Nicole. Surprisingly, old man Memphis finished second. Memphis's win would have probably resulted in a Tyler nomination, but I wonder if he would have put Nicole up as the second nominee. With Cody winning the veto later in the week, there is the possibility he takes down Nicole, forcing Christmas or Enzo on the block. At the very least, there would have been some fun strategy talk if Cody loses the HOH.

When it came to nominations, Cody seemed fairly set on his choices. He was not going to nominate Nicole or Enzo. He has a final two deal with Memphis. The only houseguests left are Tyler and Christmas, both of whom just voted against the house.

It probably didn't help that both Christmas and Tyler went to Cody and threw each other under the bus for the Nicole vote. Cody was already weary of the two, but this moment illustrated he can't trust either of them, and one of them has to go.


As players get deeper into the game, nominations start to lose their luster. With only six competitors left, everyone gets to play in the veto, removing the possibility of a backdoor scenario. Quite frankly, the importance of the veto competition is heightened in the end game in comparison to the nominations.

Don't get wrong no one wants to be on a block, especially when they aren't in the majority alliance. But Tyler and Christmas at least have the opportunity to save their games by winning a veto.

Cody's target for the week is Christmas, someone he considered targeting last week. Despite being a threat, Cody trusts Tyler more than Christmas. On top of this, Cody believes he is weakening Memphis by taking away one of his allies, Christmas.

Enter Tyler, who severely overplayed his hand this week. Before the veto competition, Tyler went to Enzo to let him know about The Committee alliance. He also lets Enzo know that Cody is targeting him.

The only problem? Cody already looped Enzo into the alliance several weeks ago. Enzo plays this moment beautifully, acting like he has no clue. Enzo may not win this season, but he has proven his all-star ability to lie and maneuver socially in the house.

Enzo immediately goes to Cody to throw Tyler under the bus. For Cody, this is all he needs to shift his target from Christmas to Tyler. A player of Tyler's caliber should have a better read on the house, but this moment illustrates his misunderstanding of which alliances are really in control.

For the veto, the houseguests had to rearrange ten photos of evicted houseguests, lining them up in the correct order. Each picture had various scenes that provided clues to the correct sequence of events.

With no discernable pattern, there was a steep learning curve for most of the houseguests. Eventually, everyone started to notice the tiny details that revealed the correct order. Well, almost everyone. Enzo and Tyler struggle to figure everything out, timing out.

This one isn't even close among the houseguests who did manage to complete it. Cody wins in a landslide, finishing over two minutes faster than the next closest houseguest. With the win, Cody locks in his nomination. He also adds another bullet point to his ever-growing resume as he marches toward the end game.


Tyler ends up going home this week. According to Julie, he made a last-ditch effort on Thursday to save his game while the live feeds were down. Enzo did ask Nicole who she voted for as she left the diary room, so it seems his push gave the house real pause. In the end, though, he was too big a threat, especially compared to Christmas.

Outside of Cody and Memphis, Tyler had the best claim to win Big Brother: All-Stars. He was apart of the majority alliance, won several competitions, and made the biggest move of the season to this point. It was his strategic gameplay that did him in.

Tyler's strategy was flawed throughout the season, making several blunders that may have cost him in the end. At times, his gameplay felt subdued, leaving behind the aggressive strategy that got him to the end of season 20 in favor of appeasing his alliance members.

It's easy to look back at seasons 20 and think Tyler lost because he had too many final two deals. But he didn't lose because of all of his dealings. Tyler lost because he took the wrong person to the end. Ultimately, the other houseguest had too many end game alliances that Tyler wasn't apart of, making him the easy target this week.

Overall, Tyler didn't have a good read on the house. He didn't recognize Enzo and Cody are close, subsequently leading him to overplay his hand this week. Ironically, his gameplay was aggressive the week he needed it to be quiet. Timing is everything in Big Brother, and Tyler picked the wrong time to go back to his old ways.

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