The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 7 Recap

The difficulty of having a partner in The Challenge is that your success is dependent on someone else pulling their weight. Any missteps reflect on you as much as your partner. Unfortunately for Jay, Theresa's strategic choices last week put him on the chopping block this week.

And it took no time for some in the house to confront him after returning from the Crater. Cory, Kyle, and Leroy all want answers from Jay for lying to each of them about the elimination. The trio feel betrayed by his willingness to gamble on their friendships. In a confessional, Jay indicates he understands why people are upset but doesn't feel like he owes anyone an apology for making a good game move.

I would argue doing something that upsets the house and immediately puts you on the chopping block shouldn't be classified as a good move, but point taken, Jay.

Leroy, in particular, lays it on thick during this conversation. As roommates, Leroy feels Jay owed it to him to give Kam a heads up. Theresa steps in to defend Jay, taking the blame for everything. But it doesn't matter. Leroy and Kam are determined to do what they can to prevent Jay and Theresa from winning.

For Cory, this is the second time this season a friend has stabbed him in the back. And all three of his partners this season have been eliminated now. It's not been an easy road for Ryder K's dad.

Things might be looking up, though. Fessy finally sits down to clear the air about the Nelson vote. At his very core, Fessy is an introvert whose self-consciousness prevents him from truly opening up with others. Due to this, he sometimes comes off as cocky or arrogant when expressing himself. While he doesn't know if he can trust Fessy, Cory is willing to work on the relationship. Kyle and Devin cannot say the same, both of whom think Fessy is untrustworthy. Devin has had it out for the Big Brother alliance all season and wants the house to make a move against them.

Before heading off to the daily, Theresa and CT have a quick conversation over breakfast. Like the rest of the house, CT is trying to figure her out but thinks she is smart. Theresa is trying to shift the target from Jay's back, so she throws Darrell's name out. CT doesn't hate the idea. Darrell is someone you don't want to see in the end, a four-time champion who has never lost a final.

Aerial Takedown

The daily is call Aerial Takedown. Five challengers at a time will climb onto a cargo net attached to a helicopter. The goal is to knock all of your opponents off the ball like net. After all five heats are complete, the challenger who knocks their opponents off the quickest will win, making their entire team the double agents.

Aerial Takedown is a hot mess. The men, outside of Jay and Leroy, essentially choose not to compete. In the end, Meechie is the only male to fall off, while every other male received a DQ. TJ gives the guys a rundown after the challenge, telling them they "fucking sucked." Harsh? Yes. True? You're damn straight.

The women, on the other hand, showed up this week. Kaycee dominated heat one, eliminating Nany, Kam, Big T, and Aneesa all on her own. But at least the other four women gave it everything they had for a chance to win.

Theresa pulls off a win in the second heat, though it wasn't as impressive as Kaycee's victory. Theresa formulated a plan with several other girls before their heat to fall off quickly so Theresa could win. During the heat, she literally tells each girl to fall and when. Well, all the girls except Amber B, who was having none of this.

With rumors swirling about them, Amber wants to do everything she can to protect herself and Darrell. I don't know if I would have afforded Darrell the same courtesy after choosing not to compete, but that's just me.

Amber wants to win, though, so she puts up a good fight. Theresa may have ultimately won, but Amber garnered respect from her teammate and most of the house for her performance.

And her decision impacted the outcome of the challenge. Kaycee wins it for her time by a single second. Had Amber fallen, this week would have looked vastly different. Instead, Leroy and Kaycee are the double agents.

You Gotta Fight. At Night. During the Party

Something was going on in the house we didn't get to see the week they filmed this episode, right? First, the guys pulled off their shenanigans during the challenge. After the daily, the house seems to be at a boiling point as tempers flare throughout the night.

First, you have Theresa stewing in a corner by herself before confronting Amber B and Darrell about her plot to win the challenge and throw them in. Theresa goes on defensive mode, explaining she was trying to protect her partner. But when Amber uses the same logic about why she tried, Theresa claps back that Amber isn't supporting her.

The two have an open dialogue the next morning to work their issues out. Theresa tells Amber that CT is the only person she mentioned their names to, but there was no real discussion of throwing them in. It may be a little too late for Theresa, though, as both Amber and Darrell could care less. As Darrell put it, she made her bed and now has to lie in it.

Aneesa was spot on with her analysis, too. The rookie girls are a tight-knit group that votes together. Theresa has worked hard to infiltrate that alliance and use their votes to do her bidding, but the rookie girls aren't willing to let the vets push them around this year. So Theresa responds frustratingly, but her approach isolates her and Jay further from the house.

Elsewhere, Devin's crusade against the Big Brother alliance finds himself confronting Fessy and Josh after a poor showing in a physical daily. Devin's goal here is to "poke the bear." Does that mean he hopes Fessy will punch him? Considering the OG Challenge cast was leaked online this week, it's a fittingly old-school strategy from Devin here. It would not be the worst plan he has ever tried, either.

Devin has a way of finding a person's insecurities and attacking them. Fessy hates it when anyone doubts his competition prowess, and it doesn't take a ton of provoking from Devin and compadre Kyle to get him worked up. Fessy cannot help but begin to yell, shouting that no one wants him to win and that he would love to see Devin and Kyle in an elimination. Josh, of all people, steps in to remove Fessy from the situation. Fes, think about your actions if Josh is the voice of reason.

All this does, though, is spur Devin and Kyle to make more comments. It's eerie how confrontation seemingly makes Devin calmer. Both begin yelling, "Big Brother sucks," which only further fuels Fessy and Josh's anger.

As Devin and Kyle chat with Aneesa about being partnered with Fessy, Josh decided to throw water on them. Kyle goes after Josh but gets held back by the house before CT talks him down. Devin gets in Josh's face, resulting in Josh shoving him get back. The house is finally able to break them up, but the chaos has everyone reeling.

The next morning, Kaycee tries to chat with Fessy about his actions. She needs him and Josh to remain calm. I imagine it is hard to make your way through a social game when your alliance continues to agitate others in the house.

I hope this is a wake-up call for Josh and Fessy. I get the sense the both of them feel disrespected and overlooked because they come from Big Brother. As a result, they overcompensate by acting tough and puffing their chest out when angered. They would be better off ignoring the comments. Until they do, though, the other challengers will continue to weaponize it against them.

You Reap What You Sow

As the house deliberation kicks off, Devin apologizes to the house for his actions. It's mature of him but also a game move in hopes of looking remorseful.

Theresa, on the other hand, has no intentions of apologizing to anyone. She immediately calls CT out for throwing Darrell's name out there. CT calls it a lie, which is a lie itself. But, it doesn't matter if he is telling the truth. No, CT just has to discredit Theresa.

Darrell steps to help CT's cause by reminding everyone that Theresa was the mastermind behind the plan to throw the last daily. Kam quickly follows suit by telling Theresa she lied to several people last week. Maybe it's time Theresa and Jay head down to elimination to earn their Skulls, just like Kam did after getting blindsided by them. Jay appreciates that his partner is fighting for him, but he also wishes she would stop. It's only making matters worse for them.

Kam plays this moment beautifully. She turns the spotlight on Theresa, making her the easy house target. Note to self, never piss off Killer Kam. Kam keeps receipts, and she is relentless. That is a dangerous combination to have against you.

Fire Escape

With Jay and Theresa heading off towards elimination, Leroy debates heading down to the Crater himself. It's a tricky choice, but Leroy knows he has to go sometimes. And he is motivated to take Jay out after being lied to last week.

Before the elimination can get started, though, TJ warns the house about their behavior the night before. As he put it, the actions at headquarters were "unacceptable." They won't get any more warnings, so they better not let it happen again.

Then TJ drops a major bombshell. The only way to gain power in the house is by winning. And the only way to win is by trying. TJ doesn't want people showing up to The Challenge if they don't want to compete. All of the guys that did not try during the daily, their votes no longer count.

The announcement sends shockwaves across the house. While this ultimately doesn't change the vote, it is a reminder to all the contestants why they are there. If you aren't willing to try, you might as well go home now. It's called The Challenge for a reason.

And in true competitive fashion, Leroy decides he is ready to head down to the Crater to earn his Gold Skull. He and Jay will compete in Fire Escape. Each challenger is suspended on a beam by their hands and feet. The goal is to maneuver yourself from one end to the other and back. The player to do so first wins the elimination, earning themselves a Gold Skull.

Fire Escape is the same game Natalie and Ashley competed in during the first elimination. Here, though, the beams are a much farther distance for the competitors to traverse. Leroy has actually competed and won this very elimination on Battle of the Exes II. Ironically, he ran the final on that season with Theresa.

As the horn blows, both men take off. Leroy looks a bit faster, but Jay's background as a rock climber lets him keep up. At the turnaround point, Leroy has a small lead over Jay. Then Leroy takes off like a rocket. What was a close race turns into a blow out in seconds. According to TJ, Fire Escape lasted under one minute. Outside of CT carrying Johnny Bananas like a backpack, this may be the most dominant elimination performance the show has ever aired.

And with that, Leroy exacted his revenge against a heartbroken Jay. The opportunity to compete on The Challenge means a lot to Jay, who wants to win so he can take care of his family. It's refreshing to see someone care that much about winning.

I have been impressed with Jay overall this season. He is one of the smaller guys in the house, but he has consistently performed well. If he can figure out the political aspect of the game, Jay has the potential to make it to the end. And TJ gave him the coveted "we will see you again" send-off, so you know Jay will get the call to come back.

As for Leroy, now he has his Gold Skull. In what will be his final season, he has put himself in a position to win the game. When pressed with the opportunity to change partners, Leroy decides to stick with Kaycee, vowing to get her a Gold Skull. It's a wise choice at this point. While choosing Kam must be tempting, they already have targets on their backs from being a couple. Both now have Gold Skulls, making them an easy choice to throw into an elimination if it came down to it.

That leaves Theresa to partner with Cory. It's a tough break for each if you think about it. Theresa is still public enemy number one, while Cory cannot seem to keep a partner. Who knows, maybe they are the secret combination to get their games back on track.

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